How To Fix A Dryer That Won’t Start

Are you someone that has no clue on how to fix a dryer that won’t start? Worry no more. The first step to fixing a dryer that won’t start is by understanding that most of the common problems are easy to fix on your own. So before you schedule a service that will leave a huge dent in your pockets, here are some of the problematic areas that you should evaluate and consequently help you fix your dryer:

Proper Voltage

Inadequate voltage reaching your machine is a major cause of failure to start. Ensure it is properly plugged into the power source and that the circuit breakers are correctly positioned. Additionally, check that all fuses are properly functioning and replace any blown ones. The best way to check whether the power source is discharging power is to try and plug in other equipment and if it functions then it’s the dryer with a problem.

The start switch

A defective start switch is an obvious cause for failure to start. Test for defectiveness, and if it proves defective then you will need to replace it.

The door switch

Just like the start switch, defective door switches will cause the dryer not to start, and they too need to be tested for defectiveness and if found, they should be replaced.


Thermostats are located in the dryer’s cabinet. You will need to open this cabinet and have a look at it. Test all the thermostats and replace the defective ones.

Thermal fuse

This is a fuse that senses overheating and is normally attached to the exhaust duct of a dryer. It automatically blows if overheating occurs. It’s located in the cabinet, and you need to check whether it’s the source of the problem and change it if need be.


It’s found on the control console. It contacts control the timer motor, the heater and the dryer motor and, therefore, when it’s defective the dryer cannot start and, therefore, will need replacement. You can check for its continuity using a multimeter.

Other parts that may prevent your dryer from starting include the motor and the main control board.